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Christine Holgate is a victim of Scott Morrison’s lack of principle, not her gender



My take on the current Christine Holgate saga is a bit pendulum-like.  I thought, and think, that the furore over the watches was idiotic.  This was a woman earning over $2.5 million a year who gave out a bonus to some colleagues for stellar work. So? If she’d paid them three times as much in cash no one would have blinked. And having forced her out the Board of Australia Post spent what, half a million dollars, on a recruitment agency to find her replacement.  On any cost-benefit analysis this is bonkers.  So Holgate, I thought, really did get screwed over by the PM and this government and by a pusillanimous board. 

And then Holgate pulled out the ‘I’m a victim because I’m a woman’ card. Bang. I’m out. She…

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